Model guidance and posing

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*Deze informatie staat ook beschreven in de Fotografie cursus*

Let op! Dit boek is geschreven in het engels!

With pride I can pronounce the launching of my first written book! This book is perfect for every equine photographer who loves to capture the connection between human and horse in a romantic way! It’s purpose is to teach about guiding models for horse photography and shows multiple positions you can try during your photoshoot. It can also be a useful resource for horse owners who would like to be prepared for a photoshoot. Both parties can learn how to get the perfect angles to flatter the model and horse.

Can't wait to share all my ins and outs when it comes to guiding a model during a photoshoot with their horse! Everything that is normally going through my mind, is written out in the pages here. Every detail I pay attention to and usufull tips to make it easier for both parties to get that perfect photoshoot!